Virtual PCF Component to Export Json Table(Array) Data in Canvas Apps

Recently while evaluating a requirement as part of my work, I came across a requirement where the Business Users were asking for a export functionality to be available in the UI to allow the users to export the JSON arrays returned by APIs. While that requirement was for a traditional UI, it gave me the idea to write a PCF component which can do the same thing in a canvas app.

So I present to you the JsonTableExport PCF component. This is a virtual PCF component written using React and the Fluent UI framework used by Microsoft, in order to keep the component experience in line with the general Microsoft 365 suite of products. The component is very simple and looks akin to a button and icon combination. Following video shows a sample of how

  • The component looks
  • How to configure the component
  • How the component works

The power automate returns an array of users in following format.

2    {"FirstName":"Lief","LastName":"Kenworthy","Email":"","Gender":"Male"},
3    {"FirstName":"Noami","LastName":"Wilce","Email":"","Gender":"Female"}

The downloaded files look like below.

Json Array exported as Excel

Json Array exported as CSV

Json Array exported as PDF

Json Array exported as XML

That is it that is how the component works !!

The managed solution can be downloaded from the release section of the repository at Json Table Export Component PCF

The source code for the component canbe found at fluent-ui-json-export-pcf